Tuesday, May 08, 2012

In the footsteps of the Hanseatic League

A new book, co-written by my wife, which may be ordered from this blog, at the cover price €20 (plus postage €6.50 within EU €7.70 elsewhere). Payment by pay pal donation.

The publishers, Le Croît vif, have the pleasure of informing you that their latest bi-lingual book, In the Steps of the Hanseatic League, is now ready for publication. This work, written in both English and French, has been undertaken with the support of the city of La Rochelle, as a fascinating means to celebrate the adhesion of their town to the League for the New Age. The authors, Thomas Brosset and Maggie Cole invite the reader to take a plunge into the history of the first common market, a part of our shared medieval past.This almost forgotten journey passes from the French Atlantic seaboard in the Bay of Biscay to the Norwegian fjords and the coasts of the Baltic – passing en route the canals of Bruges, the City of London, the multi-coloured quay-side gabled houses in Bergen, the wine cellars in Lübeck, and the entrancement of Novgorod, the gateway to Asia. These locations are all brought to life with some sixty coloured plates.


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