Sunday, May 06, 2012

Treasures from the threads - Number 79 Cameron

The following is a comment to yet another pathetic article on Cameron in the Telegraph avowing that he is going to try harder! (Same topic from Peter Hitchens in the Mail here).

25 seconds ago

Cameron and Osborne fighting back? The two of them would make a good stand in for the 118 118 commercials.
Remember Cameron backed himself into a corner with his silly Liberal agenda when he declared himself to be a liberal conservative. When he did that he lost 'some' votes and I'd like to bet they were enough to lose the general election. That's number one.
Remember he talked tough on the Lisbon Treaty but delivered it to the country anyway. All he had to say is 'this will not stand if I am elected', and he'd have won the election outright. Instead, he allowed Lisbon to go live and accepted that the fate of this nation would lie in the hands of a cabal of political extremists who want this country to disappear.
He failed to stand up for British interests on Lisbon, Immigration, Bailouts, Human Rights, British Courts, and even on Christianity and other societal norms. Instead, he went out of his way to appease liberals who hate them and want them smashed. Why? Because he is a self proclaimed 'liberal'.
Conservatives CANNOT be liberals. It is an oxymoron to suggest it.
He allowed Osborne to fight British taxpayers whilst at the same time praising taxpayers giving aid to foreign countries who neither need it or want it, and it belies a belief in the continuance of government borrowing rather than cutting waste.
He appeased Europe again with a democratically fraudulent agreement to permit the Eurozone to form a fiscal pact which both excluded British say and ignored our interests whilst demanding money from us. Weak....weak...weak!
Cameron could have kept Labour out of government for the next twenty years with a few simple conservative policies but instead, like a burgled homeowner he is handing the lever of power over to the burglers who threaten to seize power with the same faces who tried to break this country both socially and economically.
Cameron must for the sake of Britain's interests either stand down or he his ministers must force him to stand down lest they themselves become culpable of the biggest sin of all to be called a liberal.
Only a new party leader can rescue the Conservative Party and it's no good waiting until after they lose the next election.


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