Friday, May 04, 2012

The supreme stupidity of Britain's voters seems confirmed!

The main good news this morning is that turnout is way down at about 32%, only half of that normally achievable in local elections of the not so distant past.

Those voting however seem to be as blind to the reality of the track record of all the big parties as ever, with Labour, (the party under Blair and Brown that wrecked the economy of the country and the savings and prosperity of the working majority,) has at this stage gained some 50 extra councils with 39% of votes cast versus the Tories on 31% and the LibDems on 16%.

Any rational review of the actual record in office in Central Government of members of these three parties should prevent a rational person voting for a representative from their rotten and corrupt ranks at all, I would have thought.

There may well be the odd councillor from the three main parties who has done a superb job locally and deserves re-election, but they certainly cannot exist on anything like the level reflected in the results quoted above.

If at the end of the day it appears that two-thirds of eligible voters did not turn out to vote, that is where the runes must be read. No system can survive with only one third of its population lending its voting support to its establishment!



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