Thursday, May 03, 2012

Sir Mervyn King should be de-knighted, un-pensioned and dismissed.

I have been watching the smug, self-satisfied, tennis-watching, worthless lump of humanity that is the incumbent Governor of the Bank of England, and blogging upon what I observed since August 2003.

In something named a "Today Programme Lecture" King threw blame everywhere and upon everyone else rather than upon himself, according to a review of the speech on that same programme this morning. Read another review from here.

King would seem a good candidate for a start on the removal of honours which is now so urgently necessary in the upper echelons of British public service, his BoE pension mostly in inflation linked bonds (as frequently pointed out on this blog, proof positive that he never had any intention of adhering to his post's prime objective) could be the first to be returned to more deserving OAPs! Perhaps an annual King Bonus, gathered from the pension funds of all supposed public servants who have been honoured and cossetted while in fact selling out and destroying our country.

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