Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bankrupt Britain's Budget

The air will be full of talk of removing Britain's least well off citizens from income tax today, whether that amount is set at 9, 10 or even 12 thousand pounds that talk will be a complete nonsense. The poorest in Britain are the most vulnerable to the obscene levels of almost two'thirds the costs of duty on fuel and the horrendously high indirect taxation sequestered by the 20% VAT required to feed the ever more voracious EU pigs, troughing in Brussels, Strasbourg and elsewhere all across Europe at Britons' expense!

Hidden charges are everywhere across British society all designed to keep a corrupt and worthless governing structure, that achieves nothing, in the luxury to which it has become accustomed. As I tried to illustrate last evening, in the video clip in the post below, the corrupt crooks in government will now sell anything to gain a few more years of power and indolence, which will soon leave the nation entirely penniless, without even owning our own infrastructure and utilities which otherwise might allow us to work our way free from the crippling debts and almost complete enslavement to foreigners.

To break free we must bring the politicians and civil servants responsible to trial and conviction so that the full details of their treachery can be grasped. We must abandon our addiction to public provision of essential supposed services such as in ill-health and the provision of what has become non-education . We must wake-up and realise nobody else can do these things for us, we must look to ourselves.

Osborne's budget today will be one long string of lies and self-delusions, listen in to the longwinded total garbage if you have the stomach for it, this budget like all the others since John Major's premiership, will merely defer the real day of reckoning. It will not end the Bank of England's continued billions being squandered to support an essentially bust and surely crooked banking system that keeps our rotten sustem just about ticking over. The West's depression looms nevertheless, the Euro Crisis is the clear warning sign. Britain given historically literate and adroit leadership could avoid the worst, instead we are in the vanguard!
(Update O740 GMT Read Quiet Man's post this morning on the unrestricted use of credit cards by our civil servants as a further example of the contempt our rulers have for the suckers who must pay! I quote the penultimate paragraph "What we can be sure of is that the senior mandarins will fight like trapped rats to prevent any reform of the system. It’s one of the reasons they have to go, or be strung from the lampposts as and when we get around to them after hanging the MP’s and lawyers etc.")

Graphic thanks to Anglo Saxon Times Chronicle.



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