Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The fatal flaw of the NHS will destroy our country.

The Speaker of the House of Commons has today granted an emergency  debate under Standing Order 24 on the NHS Bill.

Fact Number One on the NHS
Medical science is advancing so fast with treatments so costly that the goal of free universal health care is now a total impossibility beyond utopia!

In pursuit of this impossible dream Britain's dwindling wealth is being squandered in a hopeless attempt to hide from this reality. Those benefiting from this "get out from austerity" so far provided by this coalition government, seem prepared to elude reality and sponsor a miriad other untruths to maintain their privileged positions in society by means of this sordid avoidance of the true facts. Many examples of such devious schemes have been evident during the passage of this disputed NHS Bill.

The debate today, coming as it does just before the budget statement, should address the above basic fact. The NHS Bill should be abandoned and the budget revised to impose swingeing cuts right across the NHS. Huge sacrifices in health care provision should always have been the obvious starting point for righting the nation's economy.

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