Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hormuz closure preparations following SWIFT ban on Iran

A discussion paper on the apparent agreement on risk levels between Israel and the US, discussed here (which also reports Cameron's comments), have been followed this afternoon by Reuters reporting increased truck deliveries from Northern Iraq to Turkey and in the long run an eventual extra pipeline, read here.

This makes sense of the US executive order, tweeted earlier today from this blog, signed on Friday by President Obama which is sweeping in its peace-time powers, read here.

AGI from Italy reports four extra minesweepers are being sent to Bahrain as the sabre rattling continues, and Oman has issued warnings this afternoon, read here.

The US Navy in San Diego confirmed the movement of the minesweepers as reported by the LA Times, linked here.

A report dating back to 2007 from the USA is worth reading for more background. Link!

Background: During the Iran/Iraq war Iran tried to halt the flow of oil through Hormuz but was largely unsuccessful  due to the introduction of a convoy system.



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