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My reply to John Redwood this morning - Fisheries

Martin Cole
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The EU has quite deliberately as a matter of intentional policy been destroying the fish stocks around the British Isles. I have been reugularly blogging on this fact since 2003 without any affect.
This is a prime example of the hidden agenda of the EU to economically pillage the British Isles. Had they thought that the British people would not eventually reclaim their assets in their surrounding seas they would never have condoned such action in consideration of their known long term interests. It is good to finally see the Backbench Business Committee now consider such a proposal.
There is a typical example of one of such posts from 2oth October 2003 quoting the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) report on the destruction quoted in full on Ironies Too this morning, in view of its length.
I would wager the Continentals who planned this pillage are amazed that our politicians are so inept we have allowed this plundering to continue for so long!

 A search link to other Ironies blog links is here. The posting of 10th October 2003, referred to above, was as follows:

EU Confirmation of Fisheries Destruction

The midday Press Releases from Brussels today include this confirmation of how they have almost totally destroyed Britains fishery stocks and future. (Remember this has been accomplished with the connivance of several British Governments; mainly Conservative) :-


The first indications from the scientific advice released by the independent International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) confirm the need for the recovery measures proposed by the European Commission to ensure the rebuilding of a number of endangered fish stocks. ICES advice is rather stark for a number of stocks including cod in the North Sea, Skagerrak, Eastern Channel, Irish Sea and West of Scotland for which ICES advises zero catch. Its advice is the same for whiting in the Irish Sea. In the case of hake from Ireland down to Portugal, ICES recommends rebuilding plans and zero catch for the southern hake stock. Rebuilding plans are also advised for plaice in the North Sea, cod and plaice in the Celtic Sea and sole in the western Channel and Bay of Biscay. It is not all bad news, however. Some stocks such as North Sea haddock, mackerel and saithe are, according to ICES, in a more healthy condition. The issues that the Commission will discuss with the fisheries sector at the end of October will include ways of allowing continued fisheries on stocks that are in a more healthy state but that are caught along with endangered ones. One example is North Sea haddock whose catches include by-catches of cod which is currently an endangered stock. The advice can be found on the internet at


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