Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sarkozy says he believes Euro crisis has passed?

Open Europe's daily news email today reports Sarkozy stating the following:
“Europe would not be financially, economically, socially and politically equipped to deal with another crisis of this importance”. He confessed that he believed at one point that the euro would implode, adding “I wasn’t the only one, this conviction was shared with Mme Merkel, we were close to a catastrophe”.

Strange comment, when one considers that everything Merkozy has so far achieved merely makes the crisis worse and the ensuing debts and risk from the inevitable break down of the ECB that much more costly and likely more rancorous, thus unlikely to be resolved without very real, probably bloody, conflict!

I had assumed the mood of optimism at the most recent EU meeting was a brave face put on to dupe french voters, surely these national leaders and EU apparatchiks do not really believe they have really tackled anything?

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