Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cameron's good friend of thirty years.

"By their friends shall ye know them" I said in a post headline on this blog on 7th November 2010 in relation to Coulson/Cameron/Clegg as may be read here.

Later, on 22nd January 2011, I returned to the topic to register my amazement that nothing was being done in the Conservative Party to remove the piece of over-privileged corruption that was destroying our nation from office. It seems timely to repeat that message in full again, while drawing further attention to the particular Conservative MPs whom I then felt, because of their expressed policy positions and personal positions, owed the country some action - Messrs Liam Fox, Iain Duncan-Smith, Douglas Carswell and John Redwood. The first named has since resigned as a result of his own dubious actions in office, but what of the silence and inaction of the other three in the interim period now culminating in yesterday's further questioning and the Raisa riding implications? Here is that posting:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The corruption that was Coulson will continue to stain Downing Street and the Coalition!

On 7th November last year I wrote the following on this blog:

With Coulson at the centre of Britain's Coalition Government the people of the country will sooner rather than later realise they are being governed by a small clique of PR savvy conmen.

Seventy-four days later, the former editor of the News of the World rag, that pretends to be a newspaper rather than the gutter scavenging scandalsheet it truly is, has finally resigned.

The damage perpetrated on the British political system, started under Blair with Alistair Campbell a former "
journalist" on the NoW sister daily publication, the ghastly tabloid The Sun, will nevertheless continue as long as Prime Minister Cameron is permitted by his party to remain in office.

What have apparently decent, honourable and supposedly public spirited Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs been doing with their consciences during the intervening sevety-four days. Do they indeed actually have any consciences?

Why have the likes of Liam Fox, Iain Duncan-Smith, Douglas Carswell and John Redwood (who presumably entered politics to promote conservative ideas) been doing either serving alongside or voting with this shyster led bunch of con-artists?

David Cameron is a stain upon the Nation  and a disgrace to his office. Decent Conservatives, presumably led by David Davis should withdraw their support from the Coalition Government and bring a halt to this national shaming, so well epitomised by Blair's appearance before the Iraq enquiry yesterday, must we wait a decade before Cameron and Clegg are brought to similar account?


The foul News of the World has disappeared from the streets of Britain since the above was written, but now The Sun on Sunday spreads its tentacles in its place.

Meanwhile, for another 417 days on top of the 74 run up between the first two posts, due to the cowardice and lack of sense of any public duty amongst ordinary Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs the "small clique of PR savvy conmen" control everything and further deliver the nation's future financial well-being into the hands of similar shady figures behind the EU.

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