Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Britain cannot continue within the EU on these poll results!

Contrasting attitudes among 11,000 British voters polled on the EU and those on the Continent are revealed this morning in City AM, linked here:

No fewer than 60 per cent of Brits want a referendum to decide on Britain’s relationship with the EU; 60 per cent want a looser relationship or to leave altogether; only 14 per cent want more integration with Europe and a further 13 per cent want to keep things as they are. Voters oppose European control in almost all policy-areas including immigration (79 per cent), agriculture (74 per cent), trade links with other countries (60 per cent), financial regulation (68 per cent), rights for workers (66 per cent), laws on trade unions/strikes (80 per cent) and crime and justice (85 per cent). The UK political establishment as a whole is entirely disconnected from what the public actually wants.

As the EU is effectively the Government of Britain, this situation cannot continue within England where already much of the peoples right to self-government has been further pre-empted by powers newly devolved to the periphary.

A timely reminder of this dreadful state of affairs may be found in a BBC interview I can only make available from this link.



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