Monday, March 12, 2012

Clarke and Clegg plot to sideline Parliament - The Guardian!

It is a rare day when I come across an article in The Guardian which appears to object to the onward march of socialism and EU collectivism, but today is an exception, read here.

The part played in the decades long destruction of our nation state by the present Justice Secretary, Ken Clarke is well known among democrats, Nick Clegg since becoming Deputy Prime Minister has excelled in managing to match him in his toadying to the EU in the 22 months since acquring office.

Tory MPs would do well to abandon their normal newspapers this morning and fully absorb the implications of the Guardian report, some of which I quote herewith:

A government commission set up to examine the establishment of a British bill of rights has "sidelined parliament and the prime minister", one of the commissioners has said after his resignation....

[Pinto-Duschinsky, the resigning Commissioner yesterday said on the BBC Politics Show]

"The commission answers to Ken Clarke. He and Nick Clegg set it up and selected the chairman. His civil servants run the commission and staffing. His hands are everywhere," he said.

"He [Clarke] is following the agenda of the human rights establishment, which is well represented on the commission. In doing so he is sidelining not only parliament but also the prime minister, and I consider that disloyal."

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