Monday, March 12, 2012

Greece to be the "Guinea Pig" for EU appointed Prime Ministerial Overseers

Lucas Papademos, the present EU puppet PM of Greece, is reported in ekathimerini this morning, linked here, to be putting together a permanent group to oversee the governance of Greece. A quote:

Acting on the recommendations of French advisers as well as other experts, Prime Minister Lucas Papademos is overseeing the creation of a permanent team that will be responsible for coordinating the actions of future governments.

The EU is an organisation in which Britain shares part responsibility for its actions and supposedly jointly controls, along with other supposed Western democracies.

When do the British Government propose to call a halt to these outrages to everything for which Britain, under its Monarch, is supposed to stand and represent across the world!

We are becoming a party to the installation of fascism!

(This posting has been repeated on Orphans of Liberty)



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