Monday, March 12, 2012

My reply to John Redwood MP on the Monarchy.

Martin Cole
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It is not just about Elizabeth II Queen of England, the Treaty arrangements which give New Zealand its sovereign independence, for example, are based upon treaties linked to the Queen’s ancestry. The Australian Monarchist League also has much to say on the topic.
Our very legitamacy as an independent state is at risk because of the arrangements made with the EU, in which the role and actions of the monarchy have potentially been compromised. As the EU falls apart, (note Sarkozy being set to abandon Schengen for political gain just yesterday,) our new trading arrangements and resulting treaty obligations will be best settled first, as a result of those, it may well be necessary to re-define the role of future British monarchs but in spite of the Diamond Jubilee, I would suggest that this year such debate is premature.


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