Sunday, March 11, 2012

Will Hague now build on the success of Prince Harry's tour?

The Foreign Office, as I suppose is fitting in a country that seems to have lost all sense of history, will probably be reluctant to build on the startling success of Prince Harry's trip to the opposite shores of the Atlantic Oceans! That would be a pity, not least with the Brazil portion of his tour, for while it would be a crying shame if our close ties to Jamaica, the principal nation state of the West Indies, were further reduced, as it is reported their government now desires, nevertheless greater economic gains lie with the former.

To consolidate links with the rapidly growing economy of Brazil, we should first look to the plight of the nation from whence many Brazilians originated. It is possibly unnecessary to point out to the Foreign Office that the alliance between England and Portugal, still exists today and is the longest standing such alliance in the world having been bound by Treaty in 1373 read here.

Following the crushing of Greece, the German jackboot that already lies across the throat of Portugal, will steadily have pressure applied to ensure further resistance (after the recent sale of its electricity grid to the Chinese, read here and here,) is ruthlessly rooted out.

As I tried to illustrate in the photograph below, in my final posting of last evening, the reason for the longstanding alliance between what is now the UK and Portugal lies in our community of maritime interests which derive from our geographical positioning along the Eastern shores of the North Atlantic Ocean. The concerns and constant corruption of middle Europe and the nations to the east are normally none of our concern. So should it be once again.

Britain must come to Portugal's aid as the EU attempts to economically strangle it into submission and servitude. Whether that is best accomplished from within the evil mess that the EU has now become, or from the outside must still regrettably be a matter decided by the thoroughly useless bunch of politicians presently in Government and the usual inept careerists in the Foreign Office.

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