Friday, March 16, 2012

Barroso insults the memory of all those who fought tyranny.

The maoist Portuguese President of the EU Commission  has insulted all those who died fighting tyranny in Europe down the ages and the ideals of free individuals who ever sacrificed in Europe for their own beliefs.

Through a spokeswoman, this puffed up object Barroso released the following thoroughly shameful and disgraceful words, in support of the corrupt vermin who have now taken over and control almost the entirety of what we know as Europe, with a few brave exceptions such as in Switzerland and Norway:

"Those who compare the EU to the USSR show a complete lack of understanding of what democracy is and show a lack of respect for those who have fought for freedom and democracy."

This jumped up, power crazed upstart, now in his second period as President of the entirely appointed EU Commission, was born into a dictatorship and rose to power on the back of militant discontent in a country suffering the economic turmoil of an abrupt end to a vicious colonial regime.

The EU Commission, the EU Parliament, with no powers to institute legislation and indeed can even have their own legislative amendments withdrawn at the whim of the Commission or equally secretive EU Council,  plus all the other revolting offshoots and subsidiaries of the EU, shame the very word democracy and downgrade freedom to a format of rights thoroughly alien to any concept of dignity for the individual.

The report on this statement is here.

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