Saturday, March 17, 2012

George Clooney and the Horn of Africa.

Has George Clooney taken the following advice, one must wonder this morning when reading this linked news report, which quote is drawn from this fascinating pdf file

It has been the author's experience in Africa and elsewhere that knowledge of a country's history and culture is essential to opening doors and establishing and maintaining friendships and contacts.(Walter S Clarke, Background Information For Operation Restore Hope, 1992-93)
Should this no doubt very busy celbrity not have time to read the entire document, Section 5 has much of the history which as the author points out in this passage could be extremely significant:
A Somali elder once complained to the author that his son, a senior military officer in Djibouti, was bringing "ignorant strangers" to his home. An "ignorant stranger" was defined as someone who could not recite his family genealogy to the 17th generation.
I feel sure that a film star and film producer of such renown would not wish to be ever considered as such as "an ignorant stranger," for all his no doubt noble and well meant intentions!



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