Monday, March 19, 2012

EU's plunder of the seas to continue

A report on a meeting today of the EU Fisheries Council confirms, what all who have followed the dealings of the discraceful organisation which has deliberately plundered the seas for decades, namely the EU, will blindly and ruthlessly continue so to do, in total disregard of both prudency and even common sense. EurActiv is linked here. for those who which to read the contradictory claptrap between actual plans and the usual pious mumblings any EU press release reports.

I posted on Saturday last, on both Orphans of Liberty and this blog, the real intent and outcome of the EU fisheries policy and the fascist attitudes it demonstrates its leaders hold in a blog post titled "Europe’s appalling African colonial administrative attitudes now at play within the EU."

Note the following from the above linked EurActiv report:

But the conclusions stop short of measures that would reduce Europe’s fleet capacity, a politically contested safeguard against further depletion of the world’s rapidly dwindling fish stocks.

“This is the root of the problem,” Saskia Richartz, a Greenpeace spokeswoman told EurActiv. “There are just too many boats, and not enough fish - and that encourages illegal fishing and overfishing, including by large EU trawlers in the developing world.”

Greenpeace claims that in just 10 hours on 14 March, their ship the Arctic Sunrise took action to stop seven “EU mega-trawlers” - which can each catch up to 250 tonnes of fish a day - from hoovering up marine life off the West African coast.



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