Monday, March 19, 2012

Flight from the EU tyranny - some Irish statistics.

Chatting to family members in Australia over the past weekend we touched upon the large numbers of Irish people now arriving across the other side of the world to live. Seperately we had similar reports from Liverpool, where lack of useful qualifications are presumably less of a barrier to economic flight.

The Irish Times this morning provides details of a survey undertaken regarding the mass movement of people brought on in Ireland by the treachery of their own politicians, the betrayal of the EU and the economic misgovernance by the EU/ECB/IMF Troika, some quotes from that report are below:

One-third of those interviewed, some 33 per cent, are now living in the United Kingdom, 38 per cent are in Australia or New Zealand, 12 per cent in North America, 8 per cent in mainland Europe and 9 per cent throughout the rest of the world.
Asked if they were happier or less happy than when they lived in Ireland, 56 per cent said happier, 22 per cent were less happy and 22 per cent about the same.
When asked if their quality of life was better than in Ireland an even bigger majority, 70 per cent, said it was, with 11 per cent saying it was not as good and 20 per cent saying about the same.

Note the destinations chosen, the remainder of the Euro Zone wherein the common currency, which has destroyed Ireland's economy represents, contrary to its founders plans represents the smallest recipient of immigrants, while even the rest of the world manages more!

Britain, which probably provides the easiest choice is 5 per cent below Australia and New Zealand and as most Irish must be aware has no prospect of ever voluntarily joining the Euro.

Of course the common currency has failed, the facts bear that out even amongst the most unlikely sets of statistics!

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