Monday, January 09, 2012

Britain MUST vote on the EU before Scotland

It would be the height of folly, with the European Union entering the final stages of economic disintegration, to hold a referendum on the future relationship between England and Scotland, which would necessarily question the role of Wales and Northern Ireland, not to mention causing huge dissent within several English regions.

Our political leaders must shake themselves free from their stupor brought on by self-hypnotism and look at Europe and particularly their own nation of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as it actually today exists, together with the awful obligations with which it has saddled itself under the present Treaties of the European Union.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our political leaders are the problem. It is them that are keeping us in the Eu, not the people.

I couldn't care less about Scotland. If it wishes to leave the United Kingdom it should get on and do it. Wales could not stand alone and Northern Ireland knows where it gets its benefit cheques from. If the silly Celts do not understand they are better of with the Anglo Saxons who speak their language, and I include the Irish south,then they have only themselves to blame if they prefer the company of Jean Francois or Gerry.

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