Sunday, January 08, 2012

HS2 and Siemens - a comment to a post on Communist Britain

The following comment was sent to a posting on Orphans of Liberty this morning, by AK Haart, linked here.

I have been grappling with what to label the destination to which we are underway within the EU for a long time. It is totalitarianism, but given the power assigned to corporations it will probably end up as more akin to National Socialism, but let's not mince words - fascism, although in which of its various guises is not yet clear.

In the UK with the examples you provide, but led of course by the collapsing NHS, given the huge influence of the left, communism appears a better name for this "State running everything of significance" but as we capitulate more and more to German wealth and power we will eventually be subject to what is the rule of order there.

The HS2 approval will only be controversial while the track is being laid, the only portion where local unskilled labour will be required. In the decades thereafter the trains will come most probably from Siemens (OK Alstom may get an initial order, depending how far the subjugation of France has by then proceeded).

Horrendous is it not, as I commented on Thyssen Krupp when it opened its huge steel mill in Alabama, that companies that openly employed slave labour in WW2 and appear to know no shame as they boast the terrible statistics on their corporate websites, seem to feel no necessity to change their name as they bestride the world on the back of the repression delivered by the EU? Is this the maker Cameron wishes for the trains with which he plans to despoil England's countryside, a company that ran 400 slave labour barrack factories:

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Can we see one costed justification for the HS2 when it is approved by Parliament this week? Will any MP or member of the House of Lords dare propose an amendment to any enabling legislation include a requirement that all the trains be built in England?

What horror will such trains evoke to the well-informed, perhaps walking the ruined Chilterns, aware of the role played by their makers in driving the Nazi war machine and the surrender that has now handed our nation to their control.

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