Saturday, January 07, 2012

EU Rail Vandalism and Waste

I took the photograph above at around noon today from the footpath that leads across the south face of the very ancient and historic church of Porcheresse.  The scar in land to the right of the centre is approximately where the new high speed rail line will pass, saving mere minutes from the present journey time between Tours and Bordeaux. To the left of the picture is another ancient building of worship and cemetery "St Genis" while to the far right is a yet more historic Romanesque church at Cressac-St-Genis, all soon to be blighted by the High Speed Rail train, only affordable for EU fonctionaires (although the local communities through which the line passes will bear the financial and environmental costs).

Cressac-St-Genis seen in the right of this picture. The old church carries scars said to have been inflicted by the English during the 100 years war.

The scar of where the railway line will be constructed over the coming years is clear in all these pictures.

Saint-Genis Chapel, all that remains of a tannery that once stood in this now tranquil spot.

The church of Saint-Cybard at Porcheresse which overlooks this scene, dates from the 11th century and is thought to have the earliest example of a suspended dome on pendatives in the South Charente. The High Speed trains will pass within mere tens of metres to contiunue cutting through a lovely hillside, upon which the church stands, then onwards at mad speed, across these once wonderful views.

Updates of this scenery will be provided if the work progresses. A collapse of the euro could halt it in its tracks, especially as the billions needed bring no known benefits to the citizens of France, as will be the case in England with the HS2!



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