Sunday, January 08, 2012

Clegg's guests in London tomorrow include one of the main perpetrators of EU chaos.

Olli Rehn, as frequently pointed out on this blog, bears huge responsibility for two years of disastrous policy failures over the EU bail outs asVice President of the EU Commission for Economic and Monetary Affairs.

Marke Rutte, with whom Clegg will be able to share side discussions in Dutch to disguise the proceedings from any non-biased civil servants (should any exist in the Office of the Deputy PM or Foreign Affairs), attended an elitist Gymanasium School and has notably recently - told the BBC that any further withdrawal from Europe risks making Britain “a pygmy in the world.”- one way Clegg presumably hopes to overshadow Cameron!

German Economy Minister Philipp Roesler recently blamed Britain for constantly giving advice as to what Germany should do to fix the euro debt crisis, yet was unwilling to help solve it.
"I find it somewhat odd that they don't even have the euro yet they constantly give us advice what we should do," Roesler said, adding "but they don't want to help in any way."(Telegraph report here).

The Coalition is clearly divided and Clegg should be brought back in line on the EU or an election called! Meantime the delegates to the Liberal Get-together could all learn the words and tune to Olli's theme tune awarded by this blog:

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