Tuesday, November 15, 2011

EU Commissioners are both culpable and incompetent!

Can anybody ever recall a single EU Commissioner who seemed capable in their job?

Can anybody recall an EU Commissioner who seemed quailified for the position to which they were appointed?

Can any not recall that down the decades, EU Commissioners have been scoffed at for being the dregs of their national political classes, capable only of wining and dining and growing fat, and all too often bloated, as they screwed every centime they could from the EU taxpayers for their often own tax-free benefit!.

Are there any citizens across the EU that would seriously consider inviting one of these smug, self-satisfied troughers into their homes?

It is not therefore surprising that Italian interest rates for their ten year bonds have risen above 7% again this morning, the level for which an elected Prime Minister was removed from his post to be replaced by one of these former leeches!

The EU is Europe's problem, no solution will ever be found within its structures, institutions let alone its self-serving personnel!

If somebody has a name of a present or former EU Commissioner that they consider is worthy of some respect, e-mail their name to me and I will include it below, with their justification. I doubt I will be kept very busy while performing such a task.



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