Sunday, September 25, 2011

Von Rompuy's sick joke as EU faces collapse

The supposed senior of several spurious Presidents for which the taxpayers of the EU are compelled to support in luxury, Herman Von Rompuy, the Lisbon Treaty appointed Head of the EU Council, yesterday saw fit to make the following sick tweet as he flitted around New York:

Herman Van Rompuy

With Henry Kissinger. We are exchanging phone numbers.

This as the Head of the US Treasury issued the EU with the following stark and ominous warning:

"The threat of cascading default, bank runs, and catastrophic risk must be taken off the table, as otherwise it will undermine all other efforts, both within Europe and globally. Decisions as to how to conclusively address the region's problems cannot wait until the crisis gets more severe,"  

Kissinger, when he first made his remark that if there were a crisis he would not know who to call for a response from Europe, could never have imagined a near virtual implosion of the world's economy, caused by the EU, while the supposed man in the overall co-ordinating role for the EU was mainly involved in tweeting remarks in Flemish as he jollied around New York.



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