Friday, September 23, 2011

Chris Huhne - selling out Britain to the EU

The Wikipedia profile of Chris Huhne has this to say of his time in the sham known as the European parliament:

During his time in the European Parliament, Huhne was the only Liberal Democrat MEP in a ranking by The Economist of the three most high-profile UK MEPs (the others being Glenys Kinnock and Caroline Lucas). He was a member of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, concerned with economic and financial policy including regulation of the financial sector. He was economic spokesman for the pan-European Liberal group in the European Parliament and was responsible for introducing "sunset clauses" – time limits on powers – into European legislation for the first time; for radically amending Commission proposals on financial services; and for opening up the European Central Bank to greater scrutiny.

More interestingly the truth about the intentions of this man, presently able to saddle the British taxpayers with huge and unnecessary energy costs for decades and generations to come, for the sole benefit of those in control of his EU pension providers, may be read from Tory Aardvark, linked here.



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