Friday, September 23, 2011

A day so ghastly even David Cameron noticed!

The Daily Telegraph has a chronological account of yesterday's mainly chilling, but long inevitable, events, linked here.

As it then records in its online main headline, as even repeated on the EU controlled BBC main news Radio 4 bulletin headlines this morning, even David Cameron, whose long list of platitudes at the UN in New York yesterday literally made my flesh creep, actually noticed and in Ottawa that evening  finally personally addressed the now surely terminal EU crisis. Read that from here.

Instead of words, concrete actions are now required by the British Prime Minister. Specific steps to stem the bleeding of ever more precious taxpayer funds to the disaster that is the EU, where the Greek default, long stated as an EU impossibility, must now surely follow by the end of this year at the latest!

Britain is being bled by the EU. This continues because our establishment is riddled with those in its pay, or expectation of EU payments, together with various benefits  and expectations of future employment from that thoroughly corrupt institution. This is particularly true of many among Tory Party coalition partner's members in the upper echelons Liberal Democrat Party. Quite simply, this is surely treason under any basic understanding of what that that term intends! It is also true of the BBC which is in receipt of EU funds and by its reporting facilitates the destitution of the British people who provide most of its funds through the obscene licece fees.

Where in the Conservative or Labour Parties are MPs who will step forward and authoritively state these facts, of which more and more in Britain are beginning to recognise as the absolute truth?

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