Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finns maintain Collateral Demands on Greece, Slovenia collapse poses new threat

Well the prospects for the 21 July nonsensical  revision for the EFSF for a second Greek bailout appear as far from realisation as when I took off for a brief break some two weeks ago. A report from the WSJ on the arrival in the Finnish parliament of the package, due to be voted upon by the end of the month is linked here.

As all 17 Euro Group members must ratify the agreement in their Parliaments, even the Finn's collateral roadblock appears small beer when the collapse of the Slovenian Government looks like imposing stale mate in that country for the remainder of this year. Read more from here.

Latest detail on pension cuts, redundancies and more taxes so far agreed by Greece to obtain the next Bailout 1.0 tranche from the troika may be read from Reuters, linked here.



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