Monday, September 19, 2011

A reply to a reply from John Redwood MP

A morning post from John Redwood this morning should fill us with some hope, read it here. It drew this comment and reply from Mr Redwood as follows:

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The problem for people like yourself who actually are expert in the ways of parliament must be that you know the majority of MPs in the past – especially those in power in an elected dictatorship – are totally in favour of the EU as it is. Nick Clegg, I read, is mad keen to be a Commissioner. Big pay rise, lots more power, return to living in Europe with his Spanish wife, and all that. I would not blame him: I would certainly go for an opportunity like that at his age. Look at Lord and Lady Kinnoch for heaven’s sake! In-laws to the Danish PM!
So do you compromise or do you attack?
Easy for us outsiders to say “Attack!” But you insiders realise it isn’t that easy.
I am sorry to have to say that the attitude of wait and see is beginning to look very much like Appeasement. I am waiting for the invasion of Poland…….

Reply: Eurosceptics have been arguing, proposing amendments, seeking to veto laws and Treaties for years. We are very happy to attack, and often do. To win we need more troops.

Martin Cole Comment awaiting moderation. Indeed to win you need more troops but possibly also better targeted weaponry and a recognition when selecting your ammunition that it is an enemy that you face, not allied troops posing as aggressors in a battlefield exercise. So far we have been firing blanks as we have incorrectly defined our opponents!
On Saturday morning I posted on the damage that the false decisions across the energy field will likely cause for decades ahead, what the foreign owned power utilities in Britain appear to be undertaking will severely damage any chance of our recovering a solid manufacturing base.



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I think the cartoon in RN's post this morning sums up Conservative eurosceptism in a nut

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