Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is Germany saddling its EU economic enemies with excess energy costs?

(Later edit - added 0740 GMT 20/9/11, the video I sought, as mentioned in the first paragraph of this posting, was by Volker Beckers of RWEnpower , and is now included at the end of this posting. Many thanks to AK Haart for finding it for me)

There exists a YouTube video which shows a German executive of E.ON addressing a UK audience and confirming that offshore wind energy production costs are some three times those of available alternatives. I will add it at the end of this post when and if I can re-locate it. Meantime consider the incredible figures set out by another E.ON operative in the following video:

The tragic accident this week that took the lives of four Welsh miners also provides food for further thought on energy costs, when considering the frequent broadcast comments that locals had no knowledge of the mining operations underway at the location where the deadly and tragic accident occurred. Yet Britain's coal resources were nationalised for the supposed benefit of the nation many years ago. If coal-mining is again economically viable in Wales, why is it not being undertaken by the successor to the NCB, to ease both the nation's energy costs and unemployment in South Wales.

Further signs of a conspiracy, involving the energy costs for our country, hit me last week, when I saw the huge two page advertisements by the Norwegian State Oil Company, Statoil, extolling the benefits for Britain of Norways neighbouring deposits of natural gas, see more here. Nobody should need to point out such obvious benefits in a sane world, are they necessary because Britain's rulers, now completely contolled from the near continent, wish to deprive our manufacturers of the benefits of competitively priced energy from which we may never recover?

Where does the blame lie for all of this treachery? Dubious decisions and actions that will lumber the nation with excess energy costs for decades ahead are this moment being made by this Coalition Government, thus making any manufacturing recovery nigh on impossible, to the main benefit of the German's and the French, whose energy companies control Britain's energy costs through their economic and possibly political imperatives. No blame can attach to their national leaders and politicians, they are doing their utmost to secure the jobs, futures and livliehoods of their own citizens!

The traitors are those in Britain who have ceded such powers to foreigners, presumably in stupidity or for their own personal advancement or the power gains of the foul and corrupt political parties to which they owe their allegiance.

Britain must seize this moment of crisis within the Eurozone to take back the responsibilities for determining its own future by quitting the EU. Gerhard Schroeder, senior figure of the next German controlling party, the SPD, has already made clear that an EU with no say for Britain, is Germany's planned course, as I posted and linked yesterday on this blog. Those politicians not  NOW seeking an exit from the EU, for the UK, are blind to the future of generations of our citizens yet unborn

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Blogger A K Haart said...

I think the clip you want is:-

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Blogger Martin said...

Thanks very much, I knew I had seen it somewhere. I will add the actual video into the text shortly. I am blogging further on this on Orphans of Liberty 20/9/11 which should appear today or tomorrow.

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