Monday, September 12, 2011

The deceits and misconceptions underpinning the EU must GO!

The collapse of the Euro Common Currency, now in progress, is certain to be a traumatic experience for all those involved in the EU project.

If there is to be a way to be found to prevent the consequences of such a currency meltdown, also destroying the few benefits the EU itself has brought to Europe, some painful soul-searching by those who have driven the supposed founders' dream to the brink of this disaster, is obviously the first essential. Detailed descriptions of each mistaken step towards this disaster may be found in the archives of this blog, together with those of its forerunner "Ironies".

The main simple errors, however, do not require hours of tedious reading of reams of papers nor indeed of the mass of digital records nowadays instantaneously available.

The EU has arrived where it is today, on the verge of complete breakdown, because it sought to by-pass democracy, while secretively enriching and ensconcing in power, those at the heart of the project who simultaneously sought to perpetuate such advantages for the sole and exclusive benefit of their chosen heirs.

The well-known dangers of such a Platonic tyranny have been witnessed many times down the centuries, as indeed brilliantly critiqued by Karl Popper in that just past, is it not incredible that almost all of Europe has once again come so close to enabling such a ghastly disaster?

The consequences to now be endured all across the twenty-seven former independent and once sovereign nation states will best be mitigated by rejecting the certain soon to be demanded solution, that the structures of the failed EU are best placed to handle the consequences of such avarice driven incompetence. Nothing, IMO, could be more immediately nor obviously absurd! Strident warnings will be issued (indeed have already begun), that each country now seeking a better way forward could lead to the risk of beggar-my-neighbour selfishness, if not indeed even to potential actual physical warfare.

Tackling the waste inherent across all the pillars of the perpetually unaudited EU by a suspension of national payments to all its Institutions will rapidly alert national politicians that they are once again in control of the fate of their countries, and thereafter  accountable to their own voters while simultaneously depriving those play-actors, across the EU, who have squandered our trillions paid into their undeserved stipends.

Naming the deliberate conspirators and separating them from the stupid starry eyed idealists who truly believed in a European utopia, should begin immediately. I would name among the former, Jean Monnet, whose first identified that moving ahead by lies and deceit would be the best means to achieve whatever it was that lay deep within his innermost soul.

Identifying the misguided objectives which held up non-democracy, and thereby tyranny, as an honourable ideal outcome, and ensuring this grave error is understood across our Continent, seems to me as essential as ensuring our economies are placed back onto sound economic footings with the utmost speed.

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