Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Blaming the Brits for the Euro's Collapse!

On 25th January of this year I discussed the coming EU implosion in a post linked here. Earlier, in December, I had suggested that national politicians should look to find their own protections from the coming crisis, read here.

More significantly, while it has been clear that when the Euro Currency failed, as serious economists had virtually unanimously predicted it must, I have often predicted, that in spite of all the sacrifices made by Britain, (such as with the sovereignty abnegated, old alliances abandoned and finally with the EFSM,) it would be our non-participating country that would receive the blame when the euro inevitably and eventually failed from its own internal contradictions.

As I posted on this blog yesterday, that process has now begun in Germany. Soon it will spread across the Euro Group of countries.

There is so far no sign that the Foreign Office Mandarins have prepared for this event, no defence of our position has been made by any Foreign Office Minister nor by any Coalition Government Cabinet Minister! Obviously enough, nothing either has been said in Parliament. The people of Britain are once again being failed and betrayed by their political class!

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