Saturday, September 03, 2011

EU Foreign Ministers trash more cash at the seaside!

INFORMAL Bloody Well says it ALL!

Baroness Ashton is so useless as to be almost unworthy of mention. The EU was split almost exactly as far down the middle as it is possible to get 27 of anything to be, in so far as action on Libya was conerned, so why do the poor austerity stricken citizens of the EU have to pay for jollies like this; not forgetting all the cash expended and wasted on Ashton and the EEAS over the past year!

On top of that Barroso is off to the Southern Hemisphere on another jolly as blogged here this morning! Waste and more waste, talk and more talk but never any action on the mounting economic chaos! (See below for Trichet's lunchtime stroll on a private estate at Lago Como this lunchtime).

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