Saturday, September 03, 2011

Why is Barroso to discuss an EU Finance Transfer Tax in Australia?

Why is the British Coalition Government silent on every major issue affecting the future of the European Continent, of which we are presumably a part, if only when picking up the tab.

Barroso, the former Maoist and Portuguese revolutionary, is serving his second term as nominated head of the EU Commission. The report on his plan to discuss an EU wide tax with the Australians, which none of the existing Treaties allow nor even envisage, is linked here.

After Australia, this over-paid, over-pensioned, waste of space continues to New Zealand, another former close ally of Britain, where many of us also continue to have family and close ties, we must all pay for him and his no doubt large team of hangers on, to further sully our reputations and support for democracy as he continues to other nations of the G20.

All without any mandate, nor any consent, nor any valid legal justification whatsoever.



Anonymous Florida Tax Man said...

Might be Coalition Government compulsions, From the Allies.

1:24 AM  

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