Saturday, September 03, 2011

My comment to John Redwood's Tory moderniser blog today!

Mr Redwood is usually never less than fair in re-posting my comments to his well worth reading blog, in case of delay however, I have repeated today's burning question that I posed to his rather pointess wonderings on "Tory moderniser or old fashioned Conservative" linked here.

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I do not believe that the public, nor even past or present members of your party, are asking  “whether you are a traditionalist or a moderniser” within that party or could care much either way, that even you do not know the answer.

What we are asking, in the face of a now plainly obvious near terminal breakdown of the institution which your party has supported since the leadership of Harold Macmillan, is that you declare your position on the best course for our country, in the face of this terminal failure, or failing that, at least demand of your own party leadership, that they confront and address the crisis facing the 27 former nations of most of Wetsren Europe, and indicate what preparations thay are making for the several widely varying potential outcomes.

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