Thursday, September 01, 2011

Trust in all EU Institutions plummets across the EU

The EU Barometer opinion poll carried out last May and published last month is linked here.

All across the EU opinion of the EU Institutions have plunged, and that even before the dreadful events of this past summer. The figures for Trust versus Distrust, as published on page 41 of the pdf file are as follows:

The European Parliament has 45% of people who tend to trust it. (23% to 57% for the UK)

The European Commission has 40% of people who tend to trust it.(Germany 33% versus 42% now distrusting it)

The European Central Bank has 40% of people who tend to trust it. (France 33% versus 38% distrusting it)

The Council of Europe has only 36% of people who trust it versus 64% who don't.

The Council, supoposedly in overall control (post-Lisbon) is notably only trusted by just over one third of EU citizens polled!

From Page 43, the distrust of the entire EU has again increased from 47% distrusting it versus only 41% with trust.

These results "tend" to show that this elitist project is quite rightly doomed, for the welfare of all except its employees, fonctionaires and members of the political parties who feed from it, all across Europe, this cannot come a moment too soon!
Find time if you can to view the graphs from the link where the diverging lines are now becoming truly impressive!



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