Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Will Collateral Damage Destroy the Euro? Become Anti-EU!

The head of the EFSF, see the link from my post of yesterday to guage this man's sanity, has just now suggested that Euro Group former nation's wishing to obtain collateral for further loans to penniless Greece, may wish to accept Greek bank shares as collateral. Given a choice between that and Scotch mist, I imagine the latter would be preferred as it would involve no negotiation or administrative costs!

As I posted last thing yesterday evening, the collateral question has now gone far beyond being amusing or ironic for the Finns. It strikes to the very heart of our most basic individual rights being replaced by tyranny. This same contempt for ordinary people, is evident all across Europe and amply demonstrates the utter contempt for democracy and parliamentary authority, towards which most people believe the EU should pay more than lip service and offer far more than complete contempt.

On various blogs in the UK over the past few days, such as Autonomous Mind, there has been a debate over re-defining Euroscepticism, requiring a new term, clearly avoiding any suggestion of the appeasement of the new pan-European enemy - the EU.

I have suggested the term "Anti-EU" which is straightforward, transcends all Schengen borders (being from the Greek it will everywhere be immediately understood) and gives no truck to the appeasers, such as those suggestions often found on the blogs of politicians who have become involved in this discussion, such as Conservative Home, Roger Helmer MEP and John Redwood's Diary blog of the MP of that name, all often first class and full of sound common sense, but nevertheless underneath insidiously promoting the new tyranny

To describe oneself as eurosceptic allows for sloppy thinking, even running to outright promotion of the interests of the institution about which you are presumed to carry doubts. Anti-EU requires a mindset that has already determined there are no good outcomes available from the EU.

Some have suggested a positive phrase is needed rejecting the strong negativity of anything beginning "anti-". But would the Allies have won the war as Nazisceptics? We must unite across the EU, to overturn what the EU has become and remove those responsible for creating it in its present tyrannical and non-democratic form. Anti-EU for me carries the essence of this blog!

How many have really seen the EU for what it has already become - pure evil? Few I wager, therefore anti-EU may yet be still ahead of its time!  Watch the events in Finland if you are yet to be convinced - the time for strong, determined and outright opposition to the EU is very near! Eurosceptics are welcome if they take up the anti-EU cause!

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Blogger Sue said...

Great post. I agree wholeheartedly. I have taken the liberty of designing a logo for the ideology and put them on my blog. It has gone past the point of wanting a referendum, which would no doubt be "fixed" or ignored.

10:26 AM  
Blogger Martin said...

Thanks Sue,

I like the logo and tried to incorporate it here but it looks out of place. Anti-EU, it is from now on however, although I trust there has never been doubt about that!!

1:20 PM  

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