Monday, August 29, 2011

Merkel faces possible defeat in Bundestag this week

At the end of last week the German Chancellor announced that she was cancelling a trip to Russia. This followed a shock statement by the German President that the ECB bond purchases were against the EU Treaties and thus effectively illegal. It is a crucial week for German democracy, and it is only that which now determines how the EU is to proceed. Read AE-P in the Telegraph this morning, from here.

Over many years this blog has been pointing out that the relentless logic of the EU demands that eventually only German voters will decide how the EU develops, the latest of which from last March is linked here, titled "The Mawkish Madness of Mrs Merkel". I hope that new readers are these days more receptive to this point, that should have been plainly obvious at least to our politicians for many, many years!

The only escape from such a nightmare, as will I feel certain become a crucial factor in the upcoming French Presidential elections, is withdrawal from the EU for any country wishing to determine its own course in the world!

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