Friday, August 26, 2011

Heseltine's call for localism suits EU's agenda for final power grab!

The localism bill now on its way through parliament, will finalise the destruction of the nation state and centralise evrything in Brussels, under an eventual autocracy, just what Von Heseltine appears to have been planning and working to achieve for decades.

The latest ideas of this transparently power-crazed but thwarted individual are contained in a report from Reuters, linked here. Some quotes:

"The government needs to relax its hold on power and allow English cities to jump-start their local economies after inner-city rioting spread across the country this month, former Conservative deputy prime minister Michael Heseltine said."

...."We are the only country of our sort that runs virtually everything from the centre, if you look at all the other major economies they have very powerful devolved and therefore competitive economies," he said.

The fact that virtually everything is now run from Brussels, completely outside of any democratic contraints, is totally ignored. The fact that the localism bill, as already exposed on this blog, will merely turn Westminster into a body levying fines imposed by Brussels against regional authorities, local authorites and councils is similarly forgotten, as the real EU agenda behind his outburst is hidden within his words of apparent concern.

The danger of advancing localism at the expense of the still elected House of Commons, is that up and down the country are thousands of petty democratics, salivating at the prospect of the power thay will soon hold over ordinary people across the land!

Heseltine, was dining in Germany when Thatcher's fate was sealed, Heseltine's record provides no sign that he has ever had the interests of an independent Britain in mind, a forebidding thought when considering his apparent closeness to the present Conservative Leadership, and their appalling fifteen month record in speeding the transfer of authority to the EU as evidenced by the Business Secretary, Vince Cable's, latest capitulation spread over the UK media this morning.



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