Thursday, August 25, 2011

“This is off the table,” ["Das ist vom Tisch"] Wolfgang Schäuble

Finland's Government maintains that their Collateral Deal with Greece stands, while German Finance Minister Schäuble states it is off the table. Interesting! FT Alphaville Blog is still on the case, the following is quoted from there:

From Handelsblatt on Thursday:

The eurozone will not agree the agreement between Finland and Greece on collateral. “This is off the table,” ["Das ist vom Tisch"] Wolfgang Schaeuble, the [German] finance minister, said to a meeting of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, sources told Handelsblatt.

Financial experts have warned [the Eurogroup] against allowing donor states to receive collateral on EFSF loans. In this case, Greece could get a wave of lawsuits from private creditors, the Handelsblatt learned from diplomatic circles in the EU. Private investors could rely on a so-called “negative pledge clause” in Greek government bonds

It seems a happy chance event that the markets presently only have eyes for Bernanke again in Jackson Hole,  see this amusing image, from here.

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