Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A list from Germany of the EU's supposed achievements!

I have just posted to Orphans of Liberty a long post on all the disasters the EU has heaped upon us, now of course culminating in economic collapse. It is in the queue and will appear shortly.

At the end of the post I asked for commentators to let me know what they believe the EU has achieved. Well along came a tweet from Der Spiegel promoting this article, from which I have extracted this list of supposed benefits the EU supplies:

People have come to take many of its achievements for granted, so much so that that perhaps they would only notice them if they ceased to exist. One only need imagine an EU in which passport controls are reintroduced at borders, there are no longer reliable food safety regulations everywhere, freedom of speech and of the press no longer exist under today's standards (which Hungary is already violating, thereby exposing itself to strict scrutiny), and Europeans traveling to Budapest, Copenhagen or Prague, or even Paris, Madrid and Rome, are forced to exchange money and keep track of exchange rates. The notion of Europe as our home has become second nature to us. Perhaps this explains why we are prepared to jeopardize its existence so carelessly.

Wow all this economic misery and loss of democracy and accumulation of international shame from belonging to such a clearly corrupt grouping for ?????? "reliable food safety regulations" ????? All the other items listed are returning anyway and are a small price to pay for national sovereignty and the right to periodically change one's rulers without bloodshed! Interesting notion is it not that an Englishman's right to freedom of speech came from the EU, and that from a writer teaching sociology at the LSE - why am I not surprised?



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