Monday, August 22, 2011

Muammer Gaddafi and the shame of Europe!

Since September 1969, only two world leader's ever tried to do anything about the revolting despot who ruled a country pressed tight up to the underbelly of the European Continent. These two were Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagen, who in trying to rid the world of this blot on humanity, were denied overflight rights of Europe's mainland nations, for their bombers, by the weak-willed and corrupt rulers who were then also in the midst of forming the European Union, whose first appointed President Herman Von Rompuy, visited Gaddafi as one of his first acts, as may be seen in this video of Nigel Farage's well stated protest, in the obscenity upon democracy that is the European parliament.

David Cameron, in trying to claim credit for Gaddafi's demise, could have saved much bloodshed and brought matters to a close far sooner had he early on reversed his decision and spared the Harriers and used the Ark Royal off Libya. President Sarkozy of France at least was able to supply the aircraft carrier "Charles de Gaulle", how long will that remain the case as the consequences of our leaders' similar incompetence in the economic sphere, continues to be, almost now daily, so vividly demonstrated.

Acceptance of corruption can never be the best course, we have taken 42 years to learn the lesson with Libya, the EU has soured the life and morals of our Continent for almost as long, it is time it too was brought to an end!

By the destruction of the democracy of 27 former nations, a Popperian tyranny remains on the march across Europe, if happily, soon no more in Libya!

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