Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Entire British Establishment Stands Condemned by Darling's Downing Street Memoirs!

Nobody in Britain can claim that they did not know Gordon Brown was an out of control maniac, determined to destroy Britain's economy. This blog and others chronicled his lunatic and demented activities day by day.

Now the nation feigns shock as Alistair Darling's memoirs of his 1000 days as Brown's Chancellor of the Exchequer, at 11 Downing Street, detail the deliberate denudation of our country.

The entire British Establishment stands condemned of treachery, from the Sovereign at the top, through to the civil service mandarins, down to the lowliest civil servant, on and on to include all the minor fry, whether elected or appointed central or local official, every Quango Chief and ordinary member who ever had any contact with this dangerous man.

If blackmail was involved, as surely must have been the case in many instances, then the nation needs to root out the dark secrets  that were thus being hidden, so awful that each individual deliberately chose the destruction of his country and betrayal of his functions rather than have them revealed.

Even more critically, in today's situation of the EU now being on the brink of economic collapse, a similar crisis confronts us this very day. The leaders of our country are destroying what remains of our national resources, having pared our defences to the bone, to save the doomed Euro currency, while refusing to consider any policy preparations which might ease the path of our country when the inevitable Greek default occurs, and the tumbling dominoes that will follow seem likely to sweep our banks to destruction in their path, and with them all the billions of taxpayers' money, wasted by Brown, Balls, Darling, Cameron, Clegg and Osborne with it, leaving us essentially bankrupt.

What hold does the EU have over our national leaders of today? Where in Parliament is there an MP who will get to his feet  or face a national broadcaster and proclaim "Enough!"

(Update 0845 am BST - Further reading John Rentoul Independent on Sunday.)

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