Monday, September 05, 2011

My morning question to John Redwood MP.

John Redwood's Diary post this morning is linked here.

My comment, still awaiting moderation was as follows:
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So why has this post then stopped at this early point in the crisis?

It goes far deeper and further than that, as I explained in detail yesterday morning.

The present crisis is continuing in the form of a sovereign debt crisis across the euro zone, with domino indebtedness imminently likely to take out the taxpayer rescued banks, but also this time extending to Barclays and HSBC. Yet again we have a government, establishment and parliament closing their eyes and walking towards the precipice! Please consider the last sentence of my posting of yesterday morning, quoted here:

Where in Parliament is there an MP who will get to his feet or face a national broadcaster and proclaim “Enough!”?

I have looked and find little encouragement; perhaps that is why your blog is usually my first link of each morning!

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