Friday, December 03, 2010

Europeans must now grasp this nettle!

"It is extremely important that everything is commensurate to the dimension of the challenges," Trichet told journalists at the European American Press Club in Paris, according to Reuters this Friday morning, linked here.

 Reuters report continues "Trichet said that applied to governments' fiscal policies, structural reform and the "collegial collective action that we might have including through the stabilisation fund."

Trichet also said the main lesson of the crisis was the need to strengthen governance, speaking as Spain renewed calls for closer integration of economic policy.

"From our point of view, the main lesson ... is obviously that it is necessary to reinforce the governance of the euro zone countries and of Europe in general,"  he said.

The question that all citizens of the EU should face up to and confront this weekend is in my view best summarised as - "The Euro OR national democracy and independence".

Opting to continue the fight to preserve the Euro currency requires, more debt, more behind closed door decision making and deceit, ever less democracy, ever more regulation, increasing distrust between neighbouring European countries and potentially far, far worse. 

We Europeans cannot bury our heads in the sand any longer, this crisis affects us all and will continue to do so and also most probably impact our children and grand-children for years. We must make our nationally elected politicians aware of our concerns and fears, they are presently apparently paralysed by knowledge of the true depths of the abyss upon whose edge we are poised or ignorant of the obvious and glaring realities. 

Either Jean-Claude Trichet and his backers are victorious and totalitarianism is returned to Europe or we step back, rationally and calmly disband the Euro currency and the corrupted EU institutions and try to make a fresh start towards open trade and free movement of people. 

No sane nor rational people would construct the EU as it is today, nor invest one single centime nor penny of their own money on a construct as dodgy as the present common currency of the Euro!  National leaders, possibly blinded by fears over the futures of their own national banks, should be forced to confront such plain and obvious realities. 



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