Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The EU, the world's worst neighbour?

Bloomberg reports the surprise visit by Lael Brianard to Madrid, Berlin and Paris following the damp squid and hugely complacent press conference held yesterday by ECB chief, Jean-Claude Trichet, reported here.

All this on a day of continuing contagion and confusion on the European markets, one report of which is here.

This blog is now endeavouring to concentrate on the aftermath of the EU train wreck rather than the albeit fascinating detail and side-effects of the single currency's death throes, the euro still moves but has as much life expectancy as a headless chicken.

I would ask my readers this morning to raise their eyes from the fascinating spectacle of so many lofty promises and reputations being dragged through the mud and consider a broader horizon where the results of the loss to both Europe and the wider world of the past fifty plus years of Europeans' navel gazing obsessions becomes clear.

The EU saw the world either as a source of raw materials or destination for the produce of their corporatized and disenfranchised citizens. Wikileaks diplomatic cable revelations from the US State Department provide a mass of evidence of the dreadful state into which the world has been allowed to descend while Europeans have engaged themselves entirely with their own selfish concerns and internal rivalries as encouraged by the structures of the EU.

Let the EU fall apart and give the world the benefit of a wide variety of different European input towards solving mankind's common problems. Any who even now cannot yet perceive that the EU as presently constructed is one of the biggest hurdles to world peace, democracy and future prosperity cannot surely be in touch with a news source.



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