Saturday, November 27, 2010

Can the UK be put back together AND repaired

In the aftermath of the disastrous EU experiment, which is happily now drawing to a close, it is time to start thinking of the best way forward.

This does not include incompatible long term partnerships of poltical opposites with the sole intention of obtaining a stranglehold on 'power' as proposed by ex-PM John Major in the Daily Telegraph this morning linked here.

Scottish Nationalism, built on a solid foundation of historic hatred of the English, was fuelled by the knowledge that a more powerful centralised system stood in the background offering both subsidies and wholehearted support. The essence of the EU was the break-up of former nation states thus allowing a power and asset grab by the signatories to the Treaty of Paris who jointly controlled the direction of travel in a deliberately non-democratic tyranny (as defined by Karl Popper).

The Scots must now realise the dangerous nature of the flirtations in which they have dallied, best starting point to take on board the real world being the situation of both Ireland and Iceland, two small nations they have often stated they wish to emulate. The English and Welsh and Northern Irish must consider whether they wish to resume the former Union or seek some other, perhaps more international route ahead perhaps in concert with the older Commonwealth countries.

Anything is now possible, trust the lacklustre former Tory PM, John Major, to only have arrived at the least inspiring and entirely self-interested starting point of a long term pact Tory with the Lib/Dems to further deprive our nation(s) of any real democratic say!

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