Thursday, November 25, 2010

French PM Fillon wins confidence test by 100 votes

A report in french in Le Figaro is here, the Prime Minister re-asserted France's commitment to the EU and forecast growth of 2% next year.

It is not just Cameron and Clegg therefore, sleepwalking towards the abyss!

One quote from other morning press reports I skipped over this morning was the description of the Irish brutal austerity package as a sticking plaster over the gaping wound in the EU, or words to that effect.

David Prosser in the Independent, here, points out that the EU bank stress tests that took place in the summer meant nothing. That is why the Euro is now worth nothing, because the fact that it is solely based upon lies is daily becoming clearer to all!

Will the debt crisis now pass through Portugal, Spain, Italy and then on to France and the UK, will France seek relief by being absorbed into Germany? How will Britain cope with an austerity package similar to that unveiled yesterday in Ireland which will certainly be necessary?  These are the questions of the moment, as usual the UK MSM is elsewhere waffling about happiness indices and investments in high speed rail links for people with nowhere to go as they have no jobs to fill!

Happy Thanksgiving to my readers from America! Gobble gobble!



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You're not being optimistic...
French course

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