Monday, November 22, 2010

This blog called the Euro's demise correctly - Now for fragmentation

At this time one week ago this blog correctly predicted that last week would prove the final crunch point for the Euro, read here. It was perhaps fitting that it was this blogger who stood almost entirely alone in discerning the exact moment of the euro's demise, after all I have been blogging almost daily on the certainty of its collapse since its creation, first on the Financial Times Forums and over the past several years on Ironies and Ironies Too. In the latter years, as I have been forced to try to adapt to an azerty keyboard, the punctuation of my posts has not always been as I intended and I appreciate my regular readers' forbearance. Chaos will be the rule over the coming period of change. Pay no attention to the predictions of those now in power who have ever asserted that this supposed unthinkable catastrophe could ever occur. Democracy must somehow eventually emerge, perhaps in smaller units at first, the "Fragmentation" previously predicted on this blog, see my New Year's posting for 2010 linked here. As a parting post, however, that is not the particular one I have chosen to quote in full regarding all the always perfectly foreseeable dangers that now lie before us. Instead I have chosen one from last March on Britain's election campaign, for it highlights the real difficulty the EU 27 former nations now face. Our corrupt and lying politicians and the political parties which they thoughtlessly and unconscionably serve are the real villains, we would be best if they could be deprived of any role in preparing a way ahead. All my other posts serve as evidence of this dreadful, albeit sometimes well-intentioned, EU project, the archives remain available at present, unlike all my predictions as NM on the FT Forums!.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The poison from Political Parties.

Any rational person, watching the proceedings during Prime Minister Questions and the Budget Statement that immediately followed in the chamber of the House of Commons in Westminster yesterday afternoon, who was aware of the realities regarding the governance of the former nation of Great Britain and the true state of its economy, could only conclude that the only proper place for those participating in such a farcical scam would be jail. Party politics, as developed in the Constitutional Democracy that governed the independent sovereign state which was Great Britain and Northern Ireland, up until the enactment of the European Communities Act in 1972, delivered a form of alternating party democracy to the nation which served it well and thus compensated for the non-democratic features essential in a whipped parliamentary system. In the "post-democratic" era (a phrase tellingly now in frequent usage within the EU) the party system sends only corrupt individuals to Government or other positions of power, as no person with honour or integrity would demean themselves by joining the thoroughly rotten political parties who control all access to such positions of power, whether within Westminster or the EU. Only the electorate can address this problem by refusing to vote for any candidate from the three main parties in the forthcoming election. A system of direct democracy along Swiss lines might give hope that the deep sickness in Britain's system might eventually be turned around. Fragmentation or worldwide totalitarianism will be the alternative non-democratic outcomes.

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Thanks for bearing with my ramblings. When points need making or confusion reigns, check back to this site, I may have points to make but the saga of the euro at present seems to be at an end, for once the MSM can be relied upon to provide the detail if not pinpoint the underlying realities!

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Blogger Robert said...

To paraphrase some one of 70 years ago,'the battle for Ireland is over, the battle for Spain and Portugal has begun.'

I am surprised you have so few comments, you seem to have been ahead of the game over the last few weeks.

Thank you for keeping us informed.

10:33 AM  

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