Friday, November 19, 2010

Only Connect - are two dreadful headlines somehow linked?

There is an entertaining quiz show being broadcast these days by BBC Four on television. It is called 'Only Connect' and you can try your hand at one of its games trying to draw connections from sixteen apparently random subjects into four specific categories from here. Having taken on the challenge, I have found myself tending to try to find connections during other idle moments such as driving or performing otherwise routine tasks. Worryingly, around the middle of this week I browsed by the following two articles, whilst trying to keep abreast of the Irish and euro crisis and all the other apparently disconnected but crazy events occurring in the world I found myself awake over the past two nights pondering whether these two grim and apparently totally disconnected headlines could be in some way related. The first is the following, from the Daily Telegraph, please visit this link to view the copyright image beneath this headline.

Ireland bailout: the European politicians who will decide

Ireland’s fate now rests in the hands of a cadre of powerful European politicians.

The second is from The Christian Voice, linked here, which also covered a topic appearing widely in the MSM, was as follows:

Cells derived from aborted baby injected into patient

Two unanswered questions prey on my mind in considering both these articles. What in heavens name can be the motivation in the minds of the people perpetrating these dreadful acts. In the first case old men, having destroyed the democracies of an entire continent now seek ever greater and even more unrestricted power over their fellow citizens even as they approach the normal age of death! In the second headline, a state run nationalised monopoly medical industry apparently seems to be factory farm foetuses on the back of a deliberate downgrading of public morality apparently for the harvesting of stem cells from aborted babies, now apparently destined to be directly injected into the brains of ordinary men! In the case reported this week, the first of twelve such experiments in Glasgow, (co-inceidentally? one of the most deprived cities of the EU) the recipient was a 79 year-old brain damaged victim of a stroke. Only Connect! I wish I could not!!!!!



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